The Death of the American Idea

I agree with most of what Mark Steyn says in his column today. He manages to express a lot of what I’ve been thinking over the last few days.

I really hope he turns out to be wrong. I hope I’m wrong. Under different circumstances, I would be more optimistic, but the more I watch what is already beginning to take place, the more clearly I see the handwriting on the wall. Democrats have the will, the means, the media support, the election mandate and, thanks to the economy, the “justification” to do whatever they want for the next four years. And they will. But worst of all, they’ve succeeded in changing the mindset and attitudes of independents and swing voters regarding taxes, free enterprise, and the role of government. They will implement their agenda and this time they will likely get away with it. I suspect we are headed down a path that we will not recover from for decades.


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