Well, the title of this blog is just a pretentious reference to the classic YAFer slogan, and has nothing to do with Dispensationalism.  I’m not in love with the title but until I can think of a better one that’s what it’s a-gonna be.

About Me:

I’m a software developer living on southern California.  I admit to a borderline obsession with politics, balanced somewhat by an interest in history, philosophy, technology and TV/film production.

As for personality, Myers and Briggs tell me I’m an INTP, Kiersey says Architect and I say “internally extroverted nerd”.

I’m tempted to call myself a political libertarian, but as they did with the word “liberal”, the Left has already begun to co-opt the term for themselves and misuse it to the point that, in the minds of many people, it means something completely different from it’s actual definition.  Lots of college kids now think it’s a synonym for “libertine”.  So I’ll just stick with “conservative”…or perhaps neofusionist.


One Response

  1. Greetings.

    Cool beans.

    Your site is WordPress, and thus of course a different format than Blogger when it comes to “following” a blog.

    So how could that be done here?

    (well, I know of a method, but when I follow some blogs I wish to make it known)

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